Assisted Ghost Hunts!!

Daytime investigations

Our daytime investigations are KID FRIENDLY!! All ages are permitted to take part in the tour and investigations! 

*** A waiver is required ***


One of our personal tour guides will take you around and give you a brief history of the jail. We will then give you a quick workshop on the types of equipment used during ghost hunts and how they work. 

You will get 45 minutes in each area and then a 15 minute break. complementary water and snack will be provided for you. 

At the end of your day, each one of our Junior Investigators will receive a special gift!! 

Night and Daytime investigations

Night Investigations

Our assisted ghost hunts are Friday and Saturday night. 8pm till 2am. 

**** 18 years and older ****

What to expect during the night investigations!

To start off, a personal tour guide will show you around the jail to give you a brief history.  Then a quick workshop on the types of equipment used while ghost hunting. During your workshop you will be provided with a complementary dinner featuring pizza and soft drinks. 

Then we will break down into teams, (we will not break up groups that arrive together) and begin our investigation. You will have one of our experienced investigators throughout the night to assist you in your investigation. Each one of our team members will have a REM Pod, a plasma globe, an audio recorder to capture any EVPs and 2 digital EMF meters in that location. 

You will spend approximately 1 hour and 15 minutes in each area. You may choose to investigate with our team members or investigate the area on your own. You are allowed to bring your own equipment. If you are a paranormal investigator, we encourage you to wear your team t-shirts!

Once the assisted part of the hunt is over, you will be allowed to free roam the jail and conduct any video or live streaming at that time. We ask that you do not shoot live stream video or shoot any video that requires narration during the assisted investigation so as to not disturb others as they investigate.