Just a brief overview of some of our past investigations.

City of Liberty Cemetery, TX 2007

We have investigated this cemetery countless times. Each time there is always a sense of not being alone. We have captured 100's of EVP's and seen a full bodied apparition of a man from the 1930/40's. We've also captured a photo of a form next to some rather old graves. This is one of the older cemeteries in the community and the earliest grave is marked at 1861. 

Private Residence Baytown, TX 2008

This residence was one of the most memorable that we have done. During the initial walk through of the house, we heard a very LOUD " Mommy!?" to which the female renter RAN OUT of the house. We followed her and she stated "SEE!!" When asked who was in the house she replied that they had moved out last week and no one was in the home. To our pleasure, we set up our gear and caught a dark shadow forms peering out from INSIDE the closet as we set up our cameras. This is the very form that the husband claimed held him down and stated he would die in the home. We investigated the house for several weeks straight and experienced the very LOUD girls voice calling for her mom, seeing the dark shadow figure walking through the home and having trash cans banging around outside. We even had 2 female "psychics" come into the home and conduct a reading. The results were shocking. The older lady was found to be a fraud, while the younger lady told of blood and mutilation. After a quick check at the police station, a report was filed on a mutilation case in the home. Sadly, she was 100% correct. A small boy was murdered and mutilated in the home and the little girl hid and wasn't found by the assailant. The house is still currently a rental home and from last speaking to the property owner, he says its hard to keep renters in the home. 

Private Residence Rayburn, TX 2009
 We were asked to come investigate for some rather unusual activity. The property owner stated that there was an old "Witches Circle" on the property and that they had seen figures outside in that area and heard voices "chanting" in the house. We were taken to the spot where the owner stated the "circle" was located and it was surrounded by a grove of oak trees. These trees seemed about to be about 12 to 15 inches in diameter. Which would put them somewhere in the 20 to 30 year old mark. The ground was just dirt, no grass or weeds grew in the area and this was reportedly because of the type of activity that occurred on that spot. We began to walk away from this area and I felt as if I was being followed rather closely from behind. I positioned the camera over my shoulder and took a picture. As we reviewed the images later, a rather odd dark brown "smudgy orb" was seen in the picture that I took over my shoulder. Most "orbs" are dust or bugs when caught on outside pictures. This orb did not reflect the camera flash, which would have made it appear as white or a dull white "orb". This orb was BROWN and this is why we feel that some sort of dark energy was captured following us away from the location. As we investigated further a "secret room" entryway  was discovered in the master bedroom closet. This room was situated above the master bedroom. Which is where the owner claimed she heard most of the chanting noises. We asked what was on the other side of the entry way door and she replied "its where my coven meet".  We were totally shocked by this information and upset it was kept from us. The owner said we could go up and investigate the room. It was painted all black with red markings covering the room. Once we realized this was a witches coven room, we told the owner that it was time to go! We packed our gear and left due to the deception from the home owner. This investigation is what changed our protocol on how we interview and accept cases.

The historic Pound House Liberty County, Tx 2009

This case was a rather quick investigation. We had every intent to stay longer, but I think we only stayed about an hour. We took pictures and EMF readings all along the exterior of the house. We did note a few anomalies in a few of the pictures, but nothing too outrageous to deem paranormal. Sadly, no evidence was found during this investigation. It was just a very cool historical location to visit.

Linney Cemetery Dayton, TX 2011

What more of a spooky location that an old dark cemetery in the woods? This cemetery has a long history and some rather dark rumors surrounding it. We went to see if we could get any evidence to confirm some of the paranormal claims that were being told. This cemetery was founded in the 1850's and there are several unmarked graves with in its borders. The oldest marked grave is that of Joseph Monroe Linney, who died at the age of six days in 1880. There are a lot of child graves in the cemetery, which supports some of the claims of seeing and hearing children playing in the cemetery after dark and well into the early morning hours. There are some dark rumors of witch craft and other occult practices being conducted in the woods just behind the cemetery. Some have even claimed there was animal sacrifices and satanic worship in the woods, however we did not capture anything paranormal on our visit this night. It was just another hot and muggy August night. We did capture a lot of mosquito orbs!! This is another one of our "return to" locations.

Mercy Hospital Liberty, TX 2007

We were able to investigate this facility 4 or 5 times. We captured EVP's that included the sound of wheeled items going down hallways, voices and we had the elevator bell ring as we discussed how it must have looked in its hayday. We captured some rather curious pictures that looked as if a transparent form stood at the end of the hall and watched us. One picture is of a "ghost boy" hiding his head on his arms as he rested against a wall in "his room". Sadly, this building was demolished in 2010 as a result of years of neglect and storm damage.

City of Liberty Police / Fire Station, TX 2009

We were asked to investigate claims of voices and the sound of footsteps in the newly constructed hallways of this building. We interviewed several of the firefighters, police officers and dispatchers. As we promised, no names will be given of who we interviewed. They all told very similar stories. They could hear footsteps running down hallways and the sound of children laughing and playing. We experienced being touched in the restrooms and caught some brilliantly bright orbs in an area where there should be no reflections or light sources. The station is on the location of an homestead from the late 1880's to early 1900's. This house burned to the ground and the mother with her children perished in the fire. The paranormal activity in this facility was rather elevated for such a new building. 

The Huntsville Prison. Huntsville, TX 2009

Well what more PERFECT of a location to ghost hunt than a prison?? This prison facility is the first state ran prison in Texas. Yes, counties had their own jails, but this was the first state ran prison in Texas. The Huntsville unit, known more popularly as "the Walls", first opened its doors in 1849. This is the prison that houses the "death chamber" for Texas Department of Criminal Justice. The original electric chair now sits in the TDCJ museum, also located in Huntsville. The history of the facility is rather dark and so are the stories of paranormal activity. I had some of the most disturbing paranormal experiences I have ever had in my time as a paranormal investigator. The EVP's we got on these cell blocks were both residual and intelligent responses to our investigators. Female investigators would ask questions and get some rather "rude" responses. One of our female investigators was told to "GET OFF MY RUN!". We heard doors slamming, chains being drug on the floors, sounds of footsteps up and down the stair cases. We saw dark shadows at the ends of the cell blocks and shadows move and walk towards us. We got really good "spirit orbs" and again, these were not reflections or lens flares. My favorite picture is taken here in the East building. Its of a facial profile looking at our gear as we take the picture from the 3rd floor. We seen a grey figure run past us as we explored the original Death Row cells that lay underneath the medical building. After it was all said and done, we saw several figures, heard numerous voices and sounds. We even heard the footsteps on the stairs and wooden cat walks. I was scratched after I ignorantly provoked the ghost of a former inmate. This place is 100% haunted!!

Felps Cemetery - Liberty County ,Tx 2009

This place proved to be an interesting place to investigate. The group didn't stay long to say the least, but did get some really good photos. There are a few in the photo gallery. They heard footsteps EVERYWHERE. At one point during the investigation, it seemed they were being followed every where they went. At a pivotal point in the investigation, they heard the fencing behind them "crash" as if something ran into it extremely hard or had jumped over it. Needless to say that ended the investigation as they left the area, with a quickness!! We have plans to return and finish the investigation. ***Update*** We did return to this site in 2010, we did a full investigation with a wide range of equipment. We did not capture any EVP’s or video, but we did get a lot of “orbs”. It was a good investigation, we heard voices all around us as well as footsteps, but none of which was captured on our audio.

St. Anne Catholic Church  Dayton, TX 2010

A friend of a friend contacted me and asked if I had ever heard of St. Anne Catholic Church. I told her that I had not. She stated that she had been out there several times and each time she noted that a light source seemed to resonate from an unknown location once she arrived. I asked if it could be a distant room, or an exit door light or something explainable. She said "No, it comes on after I'm there." So myself and another investigator agreed to meet her there around 9pm. The interior of the church was completely dark, no lights could bee seen from the outside. So with no way to enter the church we began taking pictures from the outside. We took 200+ pictures of the windows and of the surrounding area. After an hour, we noticed that there appeared to be some sort of a flickering light coming from inside the building. It appeared to be a candle flame. No one had entered the church since our arrival and our vehicles were the only 2 in the parking lot. We could hear some sort of movement inside so, I knocked on the front doors and called out "Hello! Is there anyone here?" The noises stopped. We waited for 5 minutes for a response at the door but no one answered. We then continued around the building taking pictures of the windows. We captured what appeared to be a human form behind the window, peering out looking at us from a second story window. We left the church around midnight.  The next day I began to ask around about this church and got a few stories that some of the people who attended church there had some unusual experiences. They claimed to arrive and candles would be burning, strange sounds of furniture being moved, even the feeling of being watched by an unseen presence. All of which we had experienced during our investigation. No one could seem to pin point a reason why and no internet searches of the church gave any explanations to a source of the haunting. It was as if no one had reported the activity until we were informed.
Acie Cemetery Dayton, TX 2011

We figured since we were right next door at Linney Cemetery , why not explore Acie as well and spent an additional 2 hours here. Acie Cemetery also has a long history.  Founded in the 1850's, Acie was a "Blacks only" cemetery. The story is that the Linney family so loved Ms. Acie, their house servant, that they gave her a proper burial and sectioned off the family cemetery to allow Ms. Acie and her family to be buried here. During these times, black and white people were not buried in the same cemetery of same fashion as each other. But the story is, even though the Linney family were slave owners, they gave Ms. Acie a proper Christian burial. There was little to no paranormal activity here in this cemetery when we visited, but again... this place is on our "return to" list.

Private Residence Liberty, TX 2018

Some investigations are just a bit "stranger" than others. This particular investigation was one of those. We were told that the family had been hearing voices and laughter. The mother and daughter had seen dark black figures starring at them and peering from around corners at them. The husband and wife had opposing views on what to do about the incidents but both agreed something was occurring. We went during the day to meet the couple and when doing so we did a "safety check" as well to look for potential hazards for the night investigation. One of the immediate things I noticed was the middle of the house was wrapped in several layers of coaxial cables, like 6 or 7 layers. Then a large metal electrical conduit pipe entered a wall on the second floor. This conduit was a 4" electrical conduit and carried all the electric cables into the home. I took EMF readings at the AC unit and it was so high, the EMF meter flat lined. I couldn't read a measurement. So, flag #1. We took a tour of the home and the couple pointed out the "hot spots" and gave us a briefing of what types of activity was occurring. During our walk through, we were taken to the up stairs bedroom and when we got both feet on the floor, we could feel a very obvious "heaviness" on our chest. I took EMF readings and they were EXTREMELY HIGH. As I approached the corner where the conduit meet the outside of the home, the heaviness become more and more heavy. It became hard to breathe and I began to feel paranoid and sick to my stomach. Just as the daughter claimed she had felt. When I got to the corner the EMF meter would not register the readings, it was that strong. I then began to realize the source of these feelings. EMF poisoning! An over load of EMF fields that "poison" the neurological system and trigger physical side effects, sickness, headaches, difficulty breathing, paranoia, visual and auditory hallucinations. Typical EMF "poisoning", but I kept that to myself. We came back to conduct a night investigation at their request and at first, there were some very strange things going on. Weird noises, tapping sounds, and closet doors opening behind me. Each one of those were debunked, after our heart rate slowed down, lol. We determined after 5 hours that all occurrences were directly linked to the high EMF fields. We explained the situation to the couple and even told the husband how to "fix" the problem.  We checked back with them in 2 weeks and the husband stated the activity had all stopped after he took the steps to shield the room from the conduit and cables. This was a classic example of EMF poisoning affecting a persons physical well being.

The Menger Hotel San Antonio, TX 2018

OMG!!  This place is beyond amazing!  Opened by William Menger on February 1, 1859, the hotel was constructed on the site of Menger’s brewery, the first brewery in Texas.  It's said to have been the finest hotel west of the Mississippi River.  It was host to such notables as Sam Houston, Generals Lee and Grant and Presidents McKinley, Taft, Eisenhower, and Roosevelt; Babe Ruth, and Mae West. The hotels most famous ghost is that of a lady named Sally White. Sally was a chamber maid who worked in the hotel. Sally was murdered in the alley to the right of the hotel (now the walkway between the hotel and the mall) by her husband on  March 28, 1876. She held on for two days before dying of her injuries.  According to the hotel’s ledgers (that are on display in the lobby), it paid for her funeral at a cost of $32.00.  Sally is generally seen walking along the hotel hallways, carrying a load of clean towels for the guests. We stayed an entire week here. During that time we had several nice experiences, both with equipment and personal experiences. Our EMF meters went nuts... in almost every area of this hotel. We sat in the bar where Teddy Roosevelt sat, drank and recruited the famous Rough Riders. As we discussed the events that may have occurred during his recruitment, our EMF became very active. I noted that every time the bartender opened a closet door, the EMF went off. The bar was a very active area for EMF readings. The second story of the Victorian wing is very active as well. We took EMF readings, audio recordings and digital spirit box sessions. This hotel is extremely active with paranormal activity. One such personal experience was I had sat down at a table across from the stairs on the second floor. I began to talk to Sally. After I asked if she would be so kind as to sit with me, I heard footsteps come down the stairwell and come toward my direction and stopped where the chair across the table was located. It was truly an amazing experience. This place is truly active in paranormal activity. Oh, PS.... try the coffee and the mango ice cream.. it's DELISH!!!!

The Menger Hotel Pt. 2 

San Antonio, TX 2019

We loved this hotel so much we had to come back and we will keep coming back too! This time around we stayed at the Emily Morgan. During this investigation we spent an hour or so doing audio recordings and seeing if we could experience anything. As always, we did... This is a location FULL of paranormal activity. If you have never been , you need to go!

Fort Martin Scott

Fredericksburg, TX 2019

We took a road trip to Fredericksburg, saw this as one of the tourist attractions and thought, why not? It really wasn't a true paranormal investigations, but we took EMF readings of the grounds. The history of the facility is rather sad. It was used as a defensive position during the conflicts between German settlers and the Comanche Indians. Then more or less as a "pit stop" for cavalry units before and during the Civil War. After the war, most of the building were torn down and the property give to a local family. The property was then bought by the city in 1959. There was not much activity on the EMF meters. We thought that given the amount and type of visitors in the past, there might be some activity. It just goes to show you, not all old places are haunted, even if there were battles fought on the land. 

The Galvez Hotel

Galveston, TX 2019

This has always been on our bucket list of locations to investigate. We first got our chance to go visit through the ghost tours that the hotel offers. During the tour we realized we needed to come back and truly investigate this amazing place. We did return a few months later. We stay in Room 507. We ran our SLS camera throughout the hotel and only picked up a few sporadic hits that lasted less than 5 seconds. Which we determined were false positives. We enjoyed our stay immensely but we didn't get the level of activity that had been purported. I did have a personal experience of my own. I was in the shower about 3:30 in the morning and as I was showering the towel I had across the top of the curtain was forcefully pulled off and across the room. It landed against the far wall and it did not slip off or fall down. This was by far the most paranormal action that was witnessed by us during the entire investigation. We hope to return for a more lengthy investigation and perhaps stay in Room # 501.

Bishops Palace

Galveston, TX 2019

We all hear the stories of ghosts in these amazing locations. We take the tours and the tour guide always has a "ghost story" to tell. Well, we got to tour the building unescorted and we took our time looking and taking pictures. Although we did not capture any documented evidence, the building did have a very "I'm not alone" vibe to it. It felt as if there was always someone near you. We didn't hear any voices, strange sounds. Didn't see any shadows or catch any orbs, but we did feel as if we were not alone. Unfortunately, these old historic locations do not alone over night stays or investigations. So the only way to "investigate" is to take a tour of the building and hope for the best. 

Private Residence Hardin, TX 2019

This is investigation has a bit of mixed emotions. The home owner stated she moved out of the home due to the level of activity surrounding her grandson. We arrived in-force and set up rather quickly and began the investigations with EVP sessions in the master bedroom and the SLS camera in the kitchen/dining area. We set up our REM Pod in the back room where she claimed to have seen the image of a little boy. Although there were some responses to our spirit box session, not much else was captured as evidence. We do not doubt the claims of the home owner, we just did not get any significant amount of evidence or any personal experiences. We did have one of our investigators come in and try a method we do not normally employee. She states that she is a sensitive and we had her come in and try to contact or "read" the home. All she stated was that she felt a "heaviness" in the home and we had a rather hard hit on our Tri-Field meter in the location of this feeling. Although I would not say the home is "haunted" I would say there is some level of paranormal activity present.

West Defee Building (formerly Baytown Hospital 1936-1967) Baytown, TX

June 2019

We were initially given the information to contact the owner in an attempt to raise awareness and help save the building from demolition. We investigated this lovely old building several times. (June 8th, 15th and the 22nd) Each time we were presented with a new challenge. Our first investigation we had a lot of REM pod activity in the hallways where a shadow figure was seen. We also captured a shadow figure running out of a bathroom of the second floor. This was not noticed until reviewing the video footage. The 2nd investigation we spent 30 minutes attempting to debunk or recreate the shadow figure video. The only thing we could conclude was there was no way possible we could have created the shadow and that it was indeed paranormal. Then toward the back of the second floor, we captured a human figure on our thermal imagery camera, unusual facial features in several of our photos. Two of our male investigators had completely different physical reactions in the same location on the second floor. One would get unexplained chill bumps up his arms while sweating in the 90 degree heat. While another became physically sick to his stomach and almost not finishing the investigation. After a little time away from the area he began to feel better. The third night we focused on isolation methods. Where two investigators would go to predetermined locations and conduct EVP sessions for 45 minutes. We concluded our investigations and are working out future ventures with the owner and property management.

Private Residence
Huntsville, Tx 
Sept 20th, 2019

The client stated that she had been touched and assaulted by an unseen entity. The event left her so shaken that she now sleeps in her living room on a roll away bed. We have reviewed countless videos from the client that show "orbs" flowing through the living room as she sleeps and some that show odd distortions on pictures. As we investigated, we experienced some odd and very high EMF readings. We captured SLS image figures on the bed where the client claims to have been touched. In the same bedroom while filming a live feed, our camera was knocked backward against the wall. 

The location has been active for over 2 years according to our client and as of our last communication, she is currently preparing to move from her home to another location in Houston. No known return investigation is slated due
Public Ghost hunting demonstration and Q&A
Anahuac, Tx Oct. 23, 2019

We were invited to speak at the event by the Chambers county library system. We meet with some great folks and heard their amazing stories. We then moved on to investigate the facilities and found some really good findings. Several figures on our SLS camera, some rather unexplainable audio bits from our EVP session. 

Chambers county library / Chambersea house/ Dr. Schilling office

Anahuac, Tx Nov. 23, 2019

We investigated all 3 locations at the same time. We broke the team into 3 separate teams and took on the task. We experienced most of the activity in the library. We could "hear" soft whispers, conversations, footsteps and seen unexplained shadows and anomalies on the video footage. The reports of paranormal activity were verified by both personal experience and through the investigation. 

Dec 7th, 2019


Mont Belvieu, Tx

We were invited to be one of the many vendors at this amazing venue. NerdCon brought together many different interests under one roof. It was an amazing time as we spent the next 10 hours talking to and listening to some amazing stories. We offered explanations of what our equipment was, how it performed and the basic principles of paranormal investigations. We made a great many of new friends and seen a couple of familiar faces too! It was such an amazing time and we hope to be a part of NerdCon 3 in 2020!!

Ft. Anahuac Park Anahuac, TX 2011

I had always wanted to come check this location simply because of its history. I had taken EMF readings, audio recordings and a lot of pictures. almost all of the pictures I took were of bugs flying around. One of the hazards or looking for evidence and taking pictures outside in this area of Texas, you're gonna get "orbs" and most of the time, its a light reflection from a mosquito or some other type of flying bug. The EMF did spike a few times for apparently NO reason, which made my very curious and I attempted to find a source but the signal seemed to travel from spot to spot. The EMF readings were more pronounced in the area of the historical marker, but they would not stay still, the energies moved too much to get an accurate reading. I felt if it were paranormal activity, there was a LOT of it here. But I was still trying to figure out the source. This location is still on my "return to" list. 

Private Residence Dayton, TX 2018

This was a rather unique investigation for us. Not only did all the paranormal claims prove legitimate, but we meet some VERY COOL people!! The homeowners just happen to be a country music singer/songwriter and SHE IS A POPULAR LOCAL MUSICIAN! Nope, no name dropping!  So we were told that the figures of small children were seen running through the house, voices, objects being moved, everything! As one of the homeowners was explaining that he was very close to his grandmother and that he and his wife displayed their family items on a curio cabinet, one of his grandmothers items MOVED! Right there in front of us. We tried to recreate it, put it back and tried to make the floor bounce and everything we tried to shake that area by walking or bouncing, did not happen. It truly moved on its own. We then were shown all the locations of activity, began our set up and broke into teams to investigate each location. 1 team went to a bedroom, 1 team the living room, I was at the command center and our home owners.... they went into the kitchen and took some trigger items to conduct an EVP session ( I told you they were cool!! ) During their session, we got some of our MOST compelling audio evidence EVER! These were direct, intelligent responses to their questions. During their EVP session, I could see the utility room door move and a towel they had draped over the  door was swaying as if it was being pulled back and forth. During the investigation, we had heard several loud voices, laughs, Leslie got poked, our camera cables were pulled off the wall, the REM POD and other EMF devices went CRAZY. In all this is one of the very few locations that I would ever call TRUELY HAUNTED! 

Private Residence Liberty, TX 2018

This case happened to be a friend of one of our investigators. The claims were that of shadow figures, voices and eerie feelings in the home. We began by setting up cameras and pointing them into the areas where to activity was located. Leslie and Staci both began working with the SLS camera and almost immediately began to capture figures in the home. One of the most predominant figures captured was that of a child, that we saw grab onto Leslie's leg and even crawl across the kitchen floor.  It tended to stay more next to the doorway to the hall that led into the master bedroom and hall bath. This figure stayed on screen for about 15 or 20 minutes and responded to their verbal instructions, thus proving the entity to be intelligent. Then a 2nd figure appeared and began to either protect the child figure or scorn it. Each time the team tried to get the child figure to respond to a verbal instructions the larger, adult figure would hover of it. One SLS session captured my form in the doorway of the living room entry and a 3rd adult size figure standing next to me. This figure was recorded as "punching" at me.  The entire time I stood in the doorway, the figure appeared to "push" or "punch" me and obviously did not want me there. This location had the most positive SLS camera action that we have had since purchasing the SLS camera. This location definitely has paranormal activity and the spirits that inhabit this house have been there for years, as this is a family home and has been passed down from mother to daughter. The house was a former bunk house at a logging location that dated back to the early 1900's.

94.3 The Bull radio station
Jacksonville, TX

Well, what can I say about this one? Not everyone has integrity. We were fooled by one of the stations employees. She stated that this locations was once a funeral home and morgue, and that the facility was connected to the 1937 New London school disaster. She claimed that there were sounds of children running through the radios station halls, that children could be heard laughing, and that unseen forces would shove you as you walked the staircases. The one thing that stood out about these claims is, she said it was an every day occurrence. It didn't matter, day or night it happened. So with this level of activity, I was eager to go. I began with researching the locations history. I wanted to present the station with a packet of historical proof of the connection. Well, as I began to research, I could not prove the building was once Williamsons Funeral home. I called Williamsons funeral home and asked if they ever were at the described location. She said "No, my father started this business (funeral home) and we have never moved from here". I asked her if she had ever heard of another funeral home named Williamsons Funeral Home in Jacksonville she said, "only mine!". She did say that the radio station was always a radio station that she could remember as a child and she was 67 years old. I then called the city and county tax offices. They both had the same story... that the location was NEVER a funeral home. It was once 2 different buildings, a furniture store and a general store. It was merged together to make on building sometime in the 50's. Even the historical society and local museum stated that Jacksonville had nothing to do with the New London school disaster in 1937, that Jacksonville would not have been equipped with any resources that could have helped. Most people in Jacksonville in that time did not own vehicles, they still only could afford horse and buggy. But... because we were called and we are eager to help... we conducted the investigation ANYWAY. We had the understanding that no outside spectators would be present and we would have the building to ourselves. During the radio show that we did that Saturday morning, she stated on air to her boss   "See I can manage my on show, I found a topic and guests.. So please *****(Name withheld) can I have my own show?" (***Quote is not word for word accurate, but the message was still the same**) At that moment I felt that she had an ulterior motive for the investigation. So we set out to do a proper investigation and during the course of the evening, friends of hers began to show up. At one point she left to go retrieve her son and brought him so he could spectate. Then one of the station producers came with his girlfriend and they began to walk through our investigation and walking through areas talking so loudly that it contaminated all audio in the area. The producer then left, only to return with his dog. That is when I called it wraps. She was asking if other folks could come and see what we were doing and could she take pictures as we investigated. I told her that with all the new people in the building it was not possible to conduct a proper investigation without any contamination of the audio or video, and they were walking through areas an casting false shadows contaminating our video.  It was made clear by their actions this was no investigation. It was a publicity stunt orchestrated by the host to promote her own radio show program and to promote interest in the failing station. Through historic research and obvious deception this claim was debunked. It was a powerful learning experience for us and a good training exercise for the team. So that's the only good that came from it. 
Emily Morgan Hotel
San Antonio, TX 2019

We have heard so many claims about this hotel and the ghosts within. From 1924 to 1976 the building was a Medical Arts building. It housed doctor offices and housed hospital patients for over half a century. In 1976 the building was converted into modern office space, but was transformed into a hotel less than 10 years later. We explored this building from the basement to the roof. We spoke with and interviewed a few of the employees. Sadly, we didn't have any luck getting any paranormal activity. After speaking to a few of the employees, one of them stated he had worked there for almost 15 years and he has yet to see or hear anything paranormal. He hasn't even heard of guests claiming to experience anything. The only claim he did have, was he thought one night he had seen smoke coming from the old crematorium smoke stack. 

Old Yoakum Memorial Hospital Yoakum, TX  Feb. 2019

We have waited a long time to get to investigate this old hospital. We spent 2 days combing this place from top to bottom. The history of the facility is rather troubled. There were times where the facility housed the terminally ill, seen scores of infants born here, to the murder of one of its own staff members in a waiting area by her husband. It's the ghost of Laura Lynn (Vaclavik) Hights, a 23 year old LVN/Nursing Student that everyone is trying to contact and the ghost of Father Charles W. Kram (1929-2000), a beloved local priest stricken with polio who served as hospital Chaplain for 25 years.  These are the two most popular spirits that everyone tries to contact during their visit at the hospital. We were no different.  We spent 3 hours in the ICU where Laura Hights was rushed to after she was shot by her husband. Several hours were spent in the nursery area as well, which was where the nurses station was located. Father Krams' room was 15 feet from this nurses station due to his chronic care needs. This cross way in the hallway was a reported hot spot of activity. I experienced my shirt being tugged on and one of our junior investigators felt a poke on his arm. It was after these events I decided to use the crayons and coloring books that were set out as trigger items for the spirits of the children. As I began to color, the REM pod was silent, not discouraged I continued to color. It was about 2 minutes into this, the REM POD became very active. The different lights began to light up, signaling the different distances these spirits were from me. At one time when I attempted to stop coloring, the REM POD responded with a red light and alarm and this stayed on for a good 15 seconds, very reminiscent of a child throwing a fit for the lack of attention. While we were in the ICU, we took pictures, audio recordings and used our SB-7 spirit box. We would get random responses to the questions. Some were a direct answers others we were not sure if it was bleed through or a communication directed at us. When left the hospital on day 1 around 1:00 am (simply because we had been driving all day and were exhausted from a very long day), we left an audio recorder in the command room over night and it recorded 10 hours of audio. Within the 1st hour of recording, the device began to pick up loud noises, as if things were being moved or doors slamming shut. We did not experience any of this while we were there, but it seemed as if something was lurking around after we left.  At one point during the recording, something very loud slammed inside the command area. It was an EVP session that was very fruitful. The next day we came back and hit some of the rooms hard, spending several hours in the birthing rooms and operating rooms as well as room 316. Our team was on the hunt for the blue nun, which is actually the former head nurse. Team members heard voices and footsteps in the hallways. They were even cussed out on the spirit box. One session the team was in a delivery room when a female voice said through the spirit box, "5 dollars each"... as the team was trying to understand what it meant, Keali realized she had her hand on a sign which read "charge for each item". We believe it was a nurse telling our team the cost was $5 each!! I would love to come back to this location. The paranormal activity was amazing to say the least. From our captured EVP's pics and each investigators personal experiences, it was a very active locations to say the least.

Private Residence
Silsbee, TX 2019

This was a rather unique and VERY interesting investigation. The backstory of the homeowner is worthy of an investigation in and of itself. Where to begin?!?!?! I was asked to investigate this house WAY before we actually did. I think it was well around a 10 months before that the homeowner and I were introduced by a mutual friend we both shared. It was claimed by the homeowner that he was being tormented by spirits in the home. Mark ( the homeowner ) stated that these entities would run around the house, touch him, make noises and just made his life miserable. Sadly, Mark passed away in his home several months after we first spoke and before I could visit him. But I did promise I would investigate his house and I kept that promise. We spent 2 nights there at the house. We got some rather good direct responses on our spirit box and with one of our investigators, we captured some rather unique light anomalies on video and photo. We also had some VERY interesting SLS camera readings from both the pre-investigation and the investigations of the 2 nights. After some rather odd EVP sessions and even weirder REM POD hits, we were determined to take a closer look at the SLS camera responses. I had a theory that the SLS was either readings the reflection of the user off the surface of the chair or reading the chair as a false positive in and of its self. We covered the chairs with blankets and towels, anything  that would absorb the infrared laser grid. But what we did was tuck the material into the form of the chair, and the camera yet again, was reading a human form in the chair. So I fluffed out the blankets, sort of like ballooning out the blanket so there was no clear and defined chair form to read. It worked, I debunked the readings, the SLS was assigning false readings to the chair form its self. So with that being determined, every SLS reading image was captured, we debunked because of what we discovered. The chair itself was being read as a spirit due to the proxemics of a human looking outline it created in the laser matrix. But the other free standing forms we captured were never debunked and stood as evidence of a paranormal entity. The house had a lot of good paranormal activity, and a lot of things that took some time to explain. The level of EMF and EVP readings were undeniable and stood alone as proof positive for us that this house had an extreme level of activity.

4th Annual Worlds Largest Ghost Hunt

Hallettsville, Tx

Sept. 28, 2019

We went as spectators to this event simply because we have never been nor participated in such a global event before. This was very interesting and educational to say the least. Our hosts at the Old Lavaca county jail were phenomenally AMAZING!! Lisa and Debra made sure each and every one of us was greeted with a friendly and warm hug. They truly enjoy their clientele and go above and beyond to make sure you enjoy your stay. We will be going back to conduct our own investigations and keep going back for future investigations. This was a truly eventful evening.

Baytown Residence

 Nov 30th, 2019

Cancelled by host 

This residential investigation was reported to have shadow figures moving along the hallways, voices, the bed being moved and the smell of sulfur in the home. ** Host Cancelled as we were walking out the door **

Dec 20th, 2019
Private Residence
Anahuac, Tx

This investigation lays to claims to just about everything you can think of, voices, shadows, objects moving, being touched, the whole gambit!! We are eagerly looking forward to helping this client in the time of need!